We understand the how, but we also understand the why.

When we realized products we needed didn’t exist, we decided to build them ourselves.

We took the best of the browser and desktop
and made it better

What is Arthos?

Arthos is the ultimate distributed development and deployment platform for the enterprise. A container framework with first class UI/UX that complements rather than competes with the native windowing features, allowing Tech teams of different business areas to focus on building apps and not spending extra time on integration or building custom containers.

With Javascript, HTML and CSS, Arthos provides the ability to create native applications for Web, Windows, Mac and Linux. Applications that are powerful on their own, but even more powerful when used together.
Arthos is powered by the latest Electron and Chrome engines, with a highly extendable and maintainable architecture compared to legacy enterprise web applications.


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Applications run natively on Windows, Mac, Linux and Browsers. Develop once using web technologies and run your applications in multiple operating systems and browsers.
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Layouting / Advanced UX

Arthos has the ability to construct workspaces and complex workflows with simple user interfaces.It provides a first class UI / UX for micro application architectures along with all of the necessary SDKs to develop and integrate enterprise applications.
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Design System

Integrated design system ensuring consistent look and feel across all apps and development teams.
Fully customizable theming and branding.
Single and Multi-Theme support. Selected themes are automatically stored and updated.
Theme Editor to adapt and switch themes on the fly.
Layout Editor to create and manage layouts. Integration with Config Services.
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Component Library

Ready-to-use UI components for rapid application development.
Aligned with your customized theming.
Extensive code samples and interactive documentation.
Extendable with additional component libraries.
Ensures consistent look and feel across all apps and development teams.
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Messaging & SDKs

Request / response and publish / subscribe patterns.
Shared content and data stores: read/write datasets, change listening and persistent data stores.
CRUD operations to manage layouts. Window, Group and App management.
Read access to white listed environment variables - invocation of white listed commands.
Prompting notifications at window or desktop level.
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Metrics & Analytics

Reporting of metrics to track user activity and create usage statistics.
Custom metric events triggered via App SDKs.
Built-in Splunk Adapter.
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Automated Testing

Support for all common browser based end-to-end testing frameworks (e.g. Selenium, Puppeteer).
Proprietary automated visual testing tool Axcept provided as part of the Arthos suite.
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Task manager to monitor App CPU and memory consumption with links to DevTools App Monitoring: customized memory limits to prevent memory leaks. Notifications and logs on app crashes.
Custom background services to handle non-UI relevant tasks (i.e. data streaming proxies etc.) Apps and Layouts managed via remote configuration.
Configuration Services: Highly available & scalable, custom integration with authentication layers; dynamic remote configurations based on user role and permission.
Versioning, backwards compatibility and flexible deployments.
Multi-Environment Support (i.e. DEV, UAT, PROD) – with config migrations between different environments.
Isolated app and container processes to ensure stability & high performance.
Resource pooling to minimize loading duration.

Powered by the latest Electron and Chrome engines

New technologies such as HTML5, Google Chrome and Electron provide the ability to harness the best of the browser with the power of the desktop. These technologies offer the opportunity to create a container where users can access both new and legacy applications.
Quick time to market by leveraging the Arthos container UI and SDK features allowing Tech teams of different business areas to focus on building apps and not spending extra time on integration or building custom containers.
Fast and efficient development process
Leverages speed and efficiency of new technologies when building apps
High Quality products with minimal QA/testing costs
High user acceptance and adoption rates
Minimum tech architecture and management overhead
Providing structure and governance to enterprise deployment
Expert guidance and support
Highly extendable and maintainable architecture

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