We understand the how, but we also understand the why.

When we realized products we needed didn’t exist, we decided to build them ourselves.

Lightweight, flexible, feature-rich JavaScript Data Grid
What is Matrix?

Existing enterprise grid controls are hard to customize, hard to extend, and often introduce breaking changes. They don't play well with data-driven architectures and frameworks, and they are heavy-weight and blow up the application size.

The d:code:it Grid is feature-rich and highly customizable. It's agnostic and modular architecture allows slick and light-weight integration allowing custom feature additions as well as flexible theming, branding and UI.

Matrix demo image
Highly flexible theming, branding and UI customizations. No more style conflicts or over-complicated CSS to overwrite pre-defined enterprise grid styles.
Highly extendable, allowing custom feature enhancements
Developer friendly code-structure and architecture (i.e. Typescript, state-driven architecture, mono-directional data flows)
Build for modern browsers and web containers
Optimized for high performance with large data-sets
Virtualization on column and row level
Endless scrolling or pagination
Server side sorting and filtering
Highly optimized cell rendering for streaming updates